• The Wall Street Journal

    It’s a bull market in China

  • AARP Magazine

    Seniors in the Workforce

  • Forbes: The New Financial Titans

    Chuck Myers

  • Forbes: The New Financial Titans

    Amir Sufi

  • Pentagram and The World Wildlife Fund

    Illustration for WWF Magazine highlighting the need for people to plant more milkweeds to help sustain the Monarch Butterfly population

  • Pittsford Paddle & Pour Art and Music Festival poster

  • Wall Street Journal

    Predicting the glide paths of Target Funds can be risky business

  • Chris Lyons Illustration

    He won’t lay an egg!

  • Waterproof

    Selected for Society of Illustrators LA, 2015
    “April” for a promotional calendar for Cohber Press. Illustrating “Waterproof”

  • Deloitte University Press

    Cover art for an article about slow adoption of mobile technology in the public sector and the impact that has on productivity

  • I hear America Singing

    Cover for the vocal score by Composer Daron Hagen

  • Three Early Song Cycles

    A new edition of songs from early in the career of composer Daron Hagen

  • Gold Dog Communications

    Boston Terrier at the fence

  • POST Magazine

  • Sunflowers

    Fine art prints

  • Wall Street Journal

    Target-Date Funds: same retirement year, very different results

  • American Indian Motorcycle

  • 50th Anniversary Hess Truck Packaging

    For Alexander Isley

  • Beauty

  • AARP spot illustrations

    The benefits of cold water washing (big energy waster) and 529 plans for college tuition

  • Rare Cooking Herbs

    For AARP Magazine

  • Hopewell Parish, Jamaica

  • POST Magazine

    Women’s brains and Men’s brains are essentially the same…except, they’re different

  • Wall Street Journal

  • WBER Concert Poster

    Collaboration with Jeremy Schwartz of the Truth Collective for a WBER benefit concert featuring Chris Trapper

  • Gracie

    Commissioned Pet Portrait

  • My favorite spots

  • Portraits for Americas Quarterly Magazine

  • Popsicle Stick Theater

    Marquee for the theater in a box

  • Papaya King Restaurants, NYC

  • 4 Seasons Magazine

    How to Paddleboard

  • Road & Track Magazine

    Criss-crossing the country

  • The Wall Street Journal

    I’m seeing a pattern here…

  • Chosen: American Illustration 31

  • '66 Mustang for Road & Track Magazine

  • Hydrangea

    Fine Art Print

  • Big Yellow Taxi

  • Chosen: American Illustration 31

  • 4 Seasons Magazine

    Tutorials on slurping noodles and cleaning crabs

  • Road & Track Magazine

    How to bleed your brakes at home! Way beyond my skill level

  • Williamstown Theatre Festival

  • Selected: 63rd Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition (2011)

  • Gold Dog Communications

    Boston Terrier chef

  • Pittsford Bakery, Pittsford NY

  • USTA League Tennis

    Illustration for the United States Tennis Association to promote league play

  • A Month In The Country

    Williamstown Theatre Festival poster

  • Gold Dog Communications

    Puppy love

  • The College of New Jersey

    A portrait series of Faculty and Administration

  • Williamstown Theatre Festival

    Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Ernest” recast with ex-pat mobsters living in London in the roaring 20’s

  • Cover: "Cake Shop Mystery"

    3rd of a series for Penguin Group - murder mysteries that take place in New Orleans. Our hero is a cake and pastry chef

  • New York Times Styles

    Hong Kong Tailors
    East meets West in the construction of beautiful suits

  • Wall Street Journal

    The big banks are struggling to deliver consistent services via mobile apps

  • Boton Terrier ripping through a billboard

    “Make him smile and correct his googlie eyes”

  • Target Gift Cards

  • Breakfasts around the world

    I tend to go with the blueberry and spinach smoothie…

  • Greentopia Festival Poster

  • Guideposts Magazine

    Little lost turtle. They found him. They knew it was him from the notch. Natch.

  • Random House

    Cover, Walden and Other Writings

  • Stink eye

    Clare and Seamus

  • Port de l'Arsenal, Paris

    Romantic essay in Afar Magazine about a night (or two) in Paris

  • The King & Queen

    Cover of Pet Business Magazine illustrating the domination of dogs & cats over all other types of pets.
    (there’s a stunner…)

  • Lilac Festival poster

    CA Illustration Annual, 2009

  • Chicago Magazine

    Mayor Daley’s unfinished business

  • Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

  • Red Lights

    Featured: 3 x 3 Illustration Annual

  • Cover: Forbes Magazine, August 2010

  • Lawyer Magazine (UK)

    The many “seats” a young lawyer occupies when entering the trade in the UK

  • Pet Business Magazine, cover

    Increased competition for retail space in the pet supplies industry

  • Bicycling Magazine

    The keys to getting good service on your bike

  • Civil War, 1861

  • Conde Nast Traveler

    Images from a story about the Maasai

  • Jelly for Lunch

    Can’t remember who I did this for, but it was very delicious. It made a way better drawing than the peanut butter.

  • Conde Nast Traveler

    How to pack a suitcase to keep everything sharp.

  • AARP Magazine

    Graphic depicting the 11% of Americans aged 60+ who are food insecure

  • Penny Jar for AARP Magazine

    Love the challenge of glass and metal

  • Pittsford Canal Warehouse - From the 2009 CA Illustration Annual

    A sweet spot on the beautiful canal town of Pittsford, NY

  • Bicycling Magazine

    Exercises for cyclists

  • Snow Leopard

    Rosamond Gifford Zoo (featured in CA Illustration Annual)

  • Canandaigua National Bank

    Annual Report cover

  • London Landscape

    Beautiful afternoon in London

  • Smart Money Magazine

    Bull & Bear Markets - How safe are your investments?

  • Rold Gold

    Crate label. Who needs a beer?

  • Portrait of Designer Jay Osgerby

    One of a series of portraits of compelling creative minds for Monocle Magazine in London

  • Boston Globe Book Review: "The History of White People"

    According to the book, whiteness has become more inclusive, to a degree. What we see depends on what culture has trained us to look for.  The book discusses the 4 enlargements of whiteness.

  • Portraits

    America’s Quarterly Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Forbes

  • What makes a Supreme Court Justice

    New York Times Sunday Magazine